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Home of the Miniature Scottish Highlands 

Touch the Magic by entering our reindeer haven and crafting unforgettable moments with your loved ones.


Mini Cow Valentines

We are happy to offer our Mini Highland Animal Grams for Valentines day 2024! 

Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable – order our Valentine's cookies delivered by the cutest cookie couriers in town!"

One of our red Mini Highlands will deliver a Valentine cookie to the front door of your special someone's home or office. Our cows can be pet and loved on for 5-10 minutes after delivery to create that unforgettable memory. More cookies can be delivered upon request for an additional fee. 

Appointments are limited and are a first come first serve basis 

Monday February 12th $90
Tuesday February 13th $100
Wednesday February 14th $125

Call Alora to book 

Home of the Lakeport Miniature Highlands

Fall of 2023 we have 4 mini Highland Cattle. Join us as we train these babies to be good bovine citizens! 


Discover the Enchantment: Reindeer For Hire  

Renting reindeer for an event transforms any gathering into an enchanting experience, immediately elevating the ambiance with a touch of nature's magic. When you rent reindeer, you're not just adding a picturesque backdrop but an interactive experience, allowing guests to connect with these gentle creatures. Our reindeer come with experienced handlers ensuring their well-being and the safety of your attendees. Whether it's for a festive holiday celebration, a promotional event, or a special occasion, the inclusion of these majestic animals ensures lasting memories, heightened engagement, and a flurry of photo opportunities. With their gentle demeanor and iconic appearance, reindeer rentals seamlessly blend the charm of the wild with the sophistication of modern events.

Christmas Lights

Coming Soon! 

Shop Our Store

Embrace your love for reindeer and contribute to their care by shopping at our online merchandise store! Our carefully curated selection of reindeer-themed items not only allows you to showcase your passion for these enchanting creatures but also directly supports the them on our farm.

Every purchase made in our store helps to provide for our beloved reindeer family. By choosing to shop with us, you play an integral role in sustaining our farm. Visit our online merchandise store now and start shopping for a cause!

Reindeer Livestream

 Witness the daily lives of our captivating reindeer family as they graze, play, and interact in their enclosures. Our Livestream is perfect for reindeer enthusiasts and animal lovers alike. Stay connected, be inspired, and enjoy a preview as you eagerly anticipate your future visit to our farm.

Tune in now and let the charm of our reindeer brighten your day. Don't forget to share the joy with your friends and family by inviting them to join the Livestream too!


Reindeer Tours

While our plan is to have our guests visit us for farm tours we still are working with Cache County officials to get our permits and construction plans approved. This has been a much longer process than anticipated and our construction has been delayed multiple times.

Hopefully soon we can have our wonderful guests visit our farm and see the home of Rocky Mountain Reindeer. 

Updates From the Farm

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